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iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support for Electronic Toolbox

As I am currently working on the next update for Electronic Toolbox pro, I would like to add and use some features of the upcoming iOS 6 and I also like to support the new larger screen of the iPhone 5.

In order to do so, I may have to drop backward compatibility.

Please help to understand you better for my decision by using the survey on the following page:


Thank you in advance.



Electronic Toolbox Dataupdate 1.16

A new data update V 1.16 is available

This new data update includes the following changes:

  • SI-Unitsadded to tables
  • SMD Metric and Imperial Size codes(such as 0402,0805 etc) added
  • About 60 different Toroid types added including specification and Al value (Soon, there will also be a separate tool to calculate coils with Toroids)
  • Glossarywas updated
  • Displayport and Mini-DisplayportSocket added
  • Thunderboldadded
  • 28 Fiber Adapters and Connectors with their specifications added
  • Some translations corrected
  • Some wrong terms corrected

I have some more data available to update but that requires the new app version I am currently working on. Hopefully I will get my iPhone 5 next week so I can perform final tests with the new app version. It is already working on the simulator but I like to perform a physical test.


If you have difficulties to update (either the app on the app store or the data update from inside the app), please contact me. I promise to help as there is no reason why one of those updates should not work. I can’t repeat often enough, if you just write a review, I can’t help.



As it was complained that my app contains too many European traits, I would love to know where this is the case. I tried my best to create an international app but my main focus is and will be the US. So if there is something contained that is not feasible for the US, please somebody let me know and I promise to change that.


Thanks again for your support.

Kind regards, Marcus


Some news regarding Electronic Toolbox updates

Some news

I am currently preparing a data update which will be sent out during the next days.

A new app update is also under development but I decided to wait with the distribution to Apple. Since I expect iOS 6 to be released soon, I thought it will be better to add iOS 6 support to the next update as well. Of course, the app will also remain backward compatible to iOS 4.

These days, I am receiving many mails per day. A lot of good suggestions and feature requests. Many many thanks! Please be assured, I am reading every single mail and updating every single suggestion or finding with my ToDo list.

So please don’t get angry if you don’t receive a response to your mail immediate.

I am also struggling with many support requests from people who did not pay for my app. A simple statement at this point to those people: Updates will not work if you have not paid for the app.

Unfortunately, the person called “Redulon” who reported issues with his iPad3 and my app did not contact me so I can’t help him. I am using an iPad3 myself and can’t find any issue.

I am looking forward to send out the new data update soon as well as the next app update after iOS 6 has been released.

Many thanks and have a great weekend,