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New Electronic Toolbox Version available

The new Electronic Toolbox version 6.06.01 is finally out

This updates adds iOS 7 compatibility as well as a lot of changes and additions:

The following nine tools have been added:

■ Raspberry Pi Tool
■ Passive cooling calculator
■ PTC / NTC Temperature Resistance conversion
■ AC Ohms law tool
■ Zener diode circuit calculation
■ Constant current source tool
■ ASCII Table
■ Battery charge calculator
■ Finally, a desktop calculator

So there are now 67 tools included (all for free by the way for everybody who already purchased my App before). No extra costs, no InApp Purchase.

Some existing tools have been extended such as:

■ The OpAmp Tool now can also calculate an Instrumentation OpAmp circuit
■ The number system tool now also supports IEEE floating point numbers
■ The Measurements tool is now renamed to Units and has been completely revised (again)

Now, it is also possible to copy output results (regardless if this is text or a number) by long-tapping the value. This way, you can copy values easier from one tool to another or even to and from the new desktop calculator or other Apps.

■ iOS 5, 6 and 7 support

Electronic Toolbox is now compatible to iOS 5, 6 and 7 and it will run on all of these iOSes and all devices available from Apple, including the new iPhone 5S and 5C. However, iOS 6 or 7 is recommended in order to benefit from the additional features of the OS.

Finally, as usual, many other things have been changed and corrected under the hood.

For instance Circuit symbols can now easier be found as the symbol is already displayed at the overview level (thanks for this suggestion!) and the same now applies to other areas throughout this app.

■ More copy and paste

Now, it is also possible to copy output results (regardless if this is text or a number) by long-tapping the value. This way, you can copy values easier from one tool to another or even to and from the new desktop calculator or other Apps.

■ Tool Icons

The default color scheme is now the single colored blue scheme. But don’t worry if you like the colored scheme better where the tools will have different colors depending on the type of tool. Just go to settings, Appearance and switch the Icon color to ‘Classic color’.

Due to the additional tools, all tools have been rearranged a bit so that tools that belong together are side by side. If you have previously installed Electronic Toolbox and maybe arranged the icons by yourself, this update will not mess up your icons. Instead, the new Icons will be added at the end. So if you like to get the icons rearranged in the way I would suggest it, just go to the organizer and press the red Reset button.

■ Important Data update

Please note, along with this update, also a data update has been released. Please don’t forget to install the data update by using the “Check for data update” button in the settings screen of the app. The order of the installation (data update or app update) does not matter.

If you find an issue, have a new idea or if you are missing something, just let me know. Please just use the Support button in my App or on the AppStore.

I have still a lot of your ideas and requests on my to-do list and I am already working on the next update to include more of your ideas in the next update.

If you like to support me, please don’t forget to write or update your review as it is only valid for the current version.

Thanks again for all your mails and support.

Kind regards,


New App Version available Friday September 27th

The new App Version 6.05 will be available on Friday!!

I am excited to announce that finally, the new App Version of Electronic Toolbox will be available this week on Friday the 27th of September.

There are nine additional tools but also many changes under the hood. I trust you will love the new version.

I will keep you updated here, once the version is available.

Please also note, along with the App version, there will be a new data update as well which is required for the new App version.

Kind regards,



iOS 7 is here

Some of you may already have updated to iOS 7 and some are wondering if my Apps work on iOS 7.

As mentioned in my last post, yes, Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox work fine with iOS 7 as it still does on iOS 5 and 6.

There is only one glitch I am aware of. The progress bar which is displayed e.g. when loading an update is displayed in white and iOS 7 uses a white background so the progress bar is invisible but besides that everything works fine.

So if you already have iOS 7 installed, just ignore the invisible progress bar and be just patient when waiting for the completion.

Of course, this glitch has been addressed in my recent update which has been sent to Apple recently.

I hope that Apple will release the new update of Electronic Toolbox soon (although they seem to be quite busy as there currently seem to be many updates waiting for being released) as the new update contains nine more tools you will love and several improvements.

Kind regards,