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New data update for Electronic Toolbox

A new data update 1.26 is available for Electronic Toolbox

I just finished a small data update with some corrections and additions in the Glossary, the Arduino Tool, Pinout- and IC- Databases. Also, some translations and Texts have been updated.

Among other things, Arduino Code Snippets have been added to the Arduino tool.

If you have some own Code Snippets that might be useful for other users, please feel free to send them in so I can add them too.

Some other requests from your side (Thanks for your comments and suggestions at this point) require an App Update and can’t be updated with this data update so please be patient.

I am currently working on exciting new things for Electronic Toolbox and RF Toolbox so stay tuned.

Thanks again for all your mails and support.

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Electronic Toolbox 6.01.01 released

A new app update is available for Electronic Toolbox

Finally the new update is available. It took quite some time but finally it’s there.

The update contains the following new tools, you will hopefully like:

  • A Wire ampacity or Cable length calculation tool
  • A Delta / Star calculation tool
  • ARM Cortex controller database
  • ARDUINO Tool with datasheets, diagrams, images, language reference etc.

In addition, the following improvements have been implemented:

  • Documents such as data sheets can now be opened and viewed in any other app on your device even in iBooks
  • Decibel values can now even be entered with negative values when the special keyboard is switched on
  • Resistor 1 of the LMxxx regulator in the Voltage regulator tool can now be modified (again)
  • More accuracy (digits after the decimal point) for the Measurements tool
  • Diameters can now also be entered in AWG (e.g. in the Wire ampacity tool)

Like always, if you find an issue, have a new idea or if you are missing something, just let me know. Please just use the support button in my app or the support button on the app store.

As usual, I am already working on the next version.

If you like to support me, please don’t forget to write or update your review as it is only valid for the current version.

Thanks again for all your mails and support.

Kind regards,


Update 6.00.06 is out for Electronic Toolbox and RF Toolbox

A new app update is available for both apps

This update contains the following changes:

  • For non-retina devices, there is now a new “small” Icon setting which is different to the “standard” which gives you back the Icon size as before if you prefer this size.
  • A more consistent and correct usage of the “mils” unit
  • Some corrections and changes for 3-Band resistors
  • Some corrections in the OpAmp tool, especially for the inverting and differential OpAmp calculations
  • Some corrections in the Attenuator calculator
  • Now, for iOS 4 devices, the “special keyboard” will be disabled automatically as this is not possible with iOS 4
  • Faster data update download
  • A new tool for SWG (Standard Wire Gauge)
  • And finally, EIA-96 coding support in the SMD resistor tool

Those changes apply to Electronic Toolbox as well as to RF Toolbox.

I am currently already working on some more change requests you sent me and also on some new tools that are hopefully about to come soon.

Thanks again for all your mails and support.

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I am still receiving questions from people wondering about the changes in Version 6. You can find more information here : Version 6 changes

Information about Electronic Toolbox can be found here: Electronic Toolbox Home

And Information about RF Toolbox can be found here: RF Toolbox Home

New Data update for Electronic Toolbox and RF Toolbox

A new data update V 1.24 is available for both apps

A new Data update 1.24 is available for Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox which contains the following changes:

  • Corrected resistance per feet dimension in the AWG tool
  • Corrected formula for the RLC parallel and series tool
  • New sockets: Tascam, Yamaha/Apogee
  • Corrected circuit diagram for the differential OpAmp
  • and some other minor changes

Electronic Toolbox also receives new Translations for Portuguese and Italian. Many thanks goes to Rui from Portugal and OM massimo from Italy for their fantastic translations. Thank you so much.

During the last days, I already sent a new app update 6.00.06 to apple which contains some more changes and additions that required an app update.

Thanks again for your support, your help and submitting your findings.

Kind regards,