What’s new

Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox are being constantly updated. Either by regular App Store updates or by so called data updates.

Version history:

Sep. 25.2015 – App Version 9.01.01

This version contains new tools and many feature improvements and of course some bug fixes.

New tools in Electronic Toolbox:

  • Optocoupler Database – This new Database tool contains more than 400 Optocoupler types including description and pinout
  • Packages Database – This new tool contains more than 300 Package types like DIP, DIP, TO, SIP, SOT etc.
New tools in RF-Toolbox:

  • Microstrip Mitre – This new tool allows optimal mitre calculations
  • PLL Loop filter – This new tool helps to design a PLL loop filter
  • Packages Database – The new Package database tool is also included in RF-Toolbox

The following new features have been implemented:

  • iOS 9

Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox are now not only fully compatible with iOS 9 (while still backward compatible down to iOS 7), they also support new features introduced with iOS 9 such as:

  • Split view (use the App side by side with another App)
  • Multitasking (App will continue to run in Split view)
  • Improved user interface on iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus in landscape mode

Additional improvements:

  • Now it is possible to directly jump to the compatible types listed inside the transistors, FETs etc.
  • You can now also directly jump to the 74xx and 40xx ICs from inside the Logic tool
  • The Battery charge tool can now also calculate discharge
  • Improved Database parametric filtering
  • Substrate Dielectric can now be selected (e.g. FRA4, GETEC, Polyimide etc.) in the PCB tools (RF-Toolbox only)
  • The voltage divider now also displays ratio between R1/R2 and V1/V2
  • Generator, Scope and Frequency counter now allows input and output either on built in speaker / microphone or headphone plug
  • Upon request, the Frequency tool can now again convert between Period/Frequency/Wavelength
  • Tools like the Raspi tool now have “Useful links
  • The PV 4-20mA tool now shows sample values in 10% steps (linear and square root)

Improvements in the Projects section:

  • Many additional components added
  • The component browser now allows to search for component types
  • Inside the project, you can now directly jump to the corresponding tool for a certain component. This way, you can now easily double check the pinouts, datasheets or color-code directly from inside the project tool

Bug fixes:

  • The Battery plot function is now working again
  • Some corrections in the parametric filters
  • Some corrections in the calculation of the Toroid tool
  • Some general corrections in the transformer tool
  • Three ring m Ohm values are now accepted in the Resistors tool