Change History

Version 14.0.1 – October 2020

  • Further iOS 14 improvements
  • For the calculation Tools, it is now possible to save calculations under a name and reload them later
  • New Lumen Tool to convert between Lumen and Watts
  • New Photo MOS Relay Tool
  • New Relay driver Tool for designing Relay driver circuits
  • New Legacy Computer Socket Section with pin-outs for C64, Vic/VC20, C128
  • Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 support added
  • Support for Arduino Uno WiFi REV 2
  • Adafruit Playground Express added
  • A few new Op-Amps have been added
  • Further improvements in the ESP32 Tool
  • New ESP8266 Tool
  • The Make section is now more file centric and has received a new File Manager Tool. From here, you can now open all Projects, Circuits, PDFs and so on. You can copy, rename, delete, print and export files from here as well.
  • Fixes in the Voltage Regulator and constant Current Tools
  • Small changes in the Active Filter calculation Tool
  • Fixes in Tubes Tool
  • In the SamacSys Component search Tool, you can now Bookmark components for later reference from the Bookmarks Tool

Current Version 13

  • a new File and PDF Viewer has been implemented
  • iOS 13 page sheets are now supported
  • several additional changes to support iOS 13 have been implemented
  • The minimal iOS Version requirement is now 10
  • Bug fixes in the C-Plate tool- Bug fix of the Components tool which could only opened once
  • Due to the new PDF Reader, data-sheets will now rotate correctly
  • Printing from inside the Database tools (e.g. Transistors) now work correctly
  • A bug which prevents to import Online projects was fixed (basically an iOS 13 bug)
  • SamacSys tool is now called Comp. Search to better suit to it’s purpose.
  • Attenuator tool now also calculates backwards based on the selected E-Series
  • 3D Printing Filament types added to Tables tool
  • Power over Ethernet POW Classes added to Tables tool
  • New Circuit drawing feature used for the tool diagrams with improved drawing quality
  • Resistors will now either be displayed in Zig-Zag US or IEEE Style (depending on the country setting)
  • Where possible, the circuits now show the calculated component values inside the diagram
  • All tools now offer Printing and PDF Exporting which also includes the circuit diagram
  • New Circuit Editor Setting “Adjust board to fit”
  • Circuits can now also be printed
  • It is now possible to save circuits as PDF or sent them as circuit file via Email from inside the Circuit Editor
  • Improved File Viewer, Print and export capabilities either from inside the tools or from inside the File Viewer, content like the Tool results can now be exported as PDF as local file or printed
  • A new Tool SMPS for calculating Flyback Transformers for Switched Mode Power Supplies as been added
  • Several images have been re-created in higher quality
  • The Formulas tool has also been improved

Version 12.03.02 – July 2019:

  • New Tool Regulators was added
  • Raspberry Pi 4 now supported
  • Fixed a capacitor tool bug
  • Fixed a bug which might have crashed the App in the Two-Tone Tool
  • Several changes in preparation for iOS 13

Version 12.02.01 – Feb. 2019:

  • ESP32
  • Stock / Inventory
  • SamacSys / ECAD Models
  • Source Code for Projects
  • New Two-Tone Tool

The App now contains a quick reference for ESP32 Boards of Espressif including specification, datasheet access and background information. The Make section now contains a new Stock / Inventory tool which can be used to maintain your local component Inventory. I am very proud to announce the new ECAD Models Tool which is powered by SamacSys. SamacSys is leader in providing Schematic Symbols, PCB Footprint and 3D models for almost any available component. You can now use the ECAD Models Tool whenever you are looking for Details, including Datasheet or Pinout for any component. You can now even add and edit the Source-Code files for your projects. Even though not just dealing with plain Two Tones, this new Tool allows to generate audio codes of a variety of different standards like CTCSS, DTMF, SelCall etc. There are already 11 different Standards supported. Let me know if you need more. I am happy to add them via Data Update.

Version 12.00.03 – Oct. 2018:

  • Synchronization of multiple Circuits
  • Synchronization now happens automatically and seamlessly in the background
  • iCloud Drive support has been improved
  • A bug, causing duplicate file names has been fixed
  • The Circuit Editor now supports US Symbol Style
  • A new universal IC Symbol allows to draw ANY possible Chip variant with any number of Pins and Pin names

Version 12.00.01 – Sep. 2018:

  • iPhone XR, XS / Max compatibility
  • iOS 12 compatibility
  • Some other minor bugs fixed

Version 11.30 – Jul. 2018:

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing Image (e.g. DB9 Female to RJ45 in Sockets -> Cable connections) fixed
  • Wrong color assignment (e.g. in Tables -> Cable Colors -> Fiber Optic Cable) fixed.
  • In Circuit Editor, using the Trashcan Icon to delete files is now working

The following tools have been redesigned (Electronic Toolbox):

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beagle
  • TI LaunchPad

The following tools have been added in Electronic- and RF-Toobox:

  • Colors (for Color conversion between different standards)

The following tools have been added in Electronic Toolbox:

  • NanoPi
  • Orange Pi
  • Banana Pi
  • Cubieboard
  • SparkFun

These Tools now contain more than 170 Boards, including offline quick reference, online access to data-sheets and images, all with seamless integration to the Project Tool.

Data update 11.21.1 – June, 2018

  • Database fixes that had caused some images for not being displayed and empty or wrong sorted rows
  • Various Database additions (including RasPi 3 Model B+)
  • Additional changes that makes this Data update backward compatible to older App Versions

Version 11.20 – May, 2018:

  • Improved behavior in slow network conditions while checking for updates
  • Support for the new iOS 11 File Sharer for Circuit Diagrams
  • Improvements for the iPhone X
  • TIP102, LM13700 and other components added (Electronic Toolbox only)
  • New setting for even smaller Icons
  • Improved Circuit Editor
  • Corrections and additions to some component databases
  • Changes, necessary for iOS 11.3

Version 11.10.4 – Dec, 2017:

Version 11.10.4 is a bugfix for Version 11.10.3 with the following fixes:

  • Cross Reference Tool now working correct
  • Circuit Editor save changes bug fixed
  • Some minor UI bugs fixed

Version 11.10.3 – Dec, 2017:

  • Several Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • New Component Cross Reference Tool
  • New Make Section…
  • …With Order List
  • …Library
  • …Bookmarks
  • …Order List
  • …RS Product Browser
  • …Octopart Browser

Version 11.0.2 – Nov, 2017:

  • iPhone X support
  • iOS 9.x, 10.x and 11.x support
  • New Tool: Current Divider
  • Voltage Divider improvements
  • The db Tool now displays correct Unit prefixes
  • Complex numbers will now displayed without unit prefix
  • Improved US and EU Cable length Tool
  • Transparent Keyboard bar bug fixed
  • Improved Amplifier Tool with 3500+ additional Hybrid ICs
  • Fixed bug in Projects where Octopart Browser didn’t find some Components
  • Tesla Coil calculation Too now works in both directions for Inductance and number of Turns

Data update 10.0.3 – Feb, 2017

  • Fixed Datasheet for the 40162 (was showing the 4016 DS)
  • Various Arduino Boards added (including Teensy, Adafruit)
  • Several Arduino Pinouts added / updated (Thanks for your help!)
  • Several Tubes added / updated such as the ECC81/82/83, 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AX7, 6146x, QQE06/40, QE06/50 aka 807
  • New Memories Section for the ICs tool with PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs etc
  • Some Sockets added/updated
  • Additional minor changes to other databases

Version 10.0.1 – Dec, 2016:

■ Formula bug fixed
■ iOS 10 adaptions
■ 3D-Viewer bug fixed
■ Sound Generator now allows to select output device
■ Projects can now be shared via Email
■ Improved integration of the Tools to the Projects

■ Added: 2-Digit SMD Codes

Electronic Toolbox:

■ Added Tool: TI LaunchPad
■ Added Tool: Audio Amplifier (1500+ Hybrid amplifiers with circuit diagram)
■ Added Tool: Components (Identify components by Name or Picture)

■ A ‘real’ Manual is now available

■ New: Now you can create and draw your own Circuit Diagrams (Beta)

Data update 9.1.3 – Jan, 2016

■ Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi! Raspberry Pi 3 added
■ AN1431T and M Variable output shunt regulator added
■ new Arduino Pro Mini with ATmega328 added
■ TMP35,36 and 37 Low Voltage Temperature Sensor added
■ Arduino SparkFun added
■ USB Type C added
■ Several other database updates and corrections are included

Data Update 9.1.2 – Dec 13, 2015

■ Additional Coax Types (Belden)
■ Mini-DIN Sockets added
■ HAM Radio RIG Socket Pinouts
■ Aviation Pinouts
■ Additional data and information for the packages tool
■ The Tubes had lost their Pinout images for some reason. They are now back, sorry.
■ Quite a few amendments and corrections for the existing databases

Version 9.1.1 – Sep 13, 2015

This version contains new tools, many feature improvements and of course some bug fixes.

New tools:

■ Optocoupler Database – This new Database tool contains more than 400 Optocoupler types including description and pinout
■ Packages Database – This new tool contains more than 300 Package types like DIP, DIP, TO, SIP, SOT etc.

The following new features have been implemented:

■ iOS 9

Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox are now not only fully compatible with iOS 9 (while still backward compatible down to iOS 7), they also support new features introduced with iOS 9 such as:

■ Split view (use the App side by side with another App)
■ Multitasking (App will continue to run in Split view)
■ Improved user interface on iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus in landscape mode

Additional improvements:

■ Now it is possible to directly jump to the compatible types listed inside the transistors, FETs etc.
■ You can now also directly jump to the 74xx and 40xx ICs from inside the Logic tool
■ The Battery charge tool can now also calculate discharge
■ Improved Database parametric filtering
■ Substrate Dielectric can now be selected (e.g. FRA4, GETEC, Polyimide etc.) in the PCB tools (RF-Toolbox only)
■ The voltage divider now also displays ratio between R1/R2 and V1/V2
■ Generator, Scope and Frequency counter now allows input and output either on built in speaker / microphone or headphone plug
■ Upon request, the Frequency tool can now again convert between Period/Frequency/Wavelength
■ Tools like the Raspi tool now have “Useful links“
■ The PV 4-20mA tool now shows sample values in 10% steps (linear and square root)

Improvements in the Projects section:

■ Many additional components added
■ The component browser now allows to search for component types
■ Inside the project, you can now directly jump to the corresponding tool for a certain component. This way, you can now easily double check the pinouts, datasheets or color-code directly from inside the project tool

Bug fixes:

■ The Battery plot function is now working again
■ Some corrections in the parametric filters
■ Some corrections in the calculation of the Toroid tool
■ Some general corrections in the transformer tool
■ Three ring m Ohm values are now accepted in the Resistors tool

Version 8.1.2 – Feb 11, 2015

■ 64 Bit Support
■ iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support
■ Native iCloud Drive Support
– Share Projects between apps on different Devices
– Share Projects between Electronic- and RF-Toolbox
■ iOS 8.x Support
■ Introduction of online Projects
■ Introduction of a FAQ
■ New Tools
– New Beagle Bone Tool
– New Wheatstone Bridge calculator
– New Truth table / Karnaugh table / logic formula conversion tool
– New Frequency counter tool
– New Logic tool
So there are now 77 tools in total.

Tool Improvements:
■ Improved Coil calculation now with single- multi- ferrite-core, Tesla flat and straight wire
■ Introduction of scalable formulas. Formulas now look much better throughout the app and not so big anymore.
■ The sound Generator can now still run even when leaving the tool
■ The sound Generator now has a volume slider
■ A double-tap is now necessary to zoom images. No longer accidental image zooming
■ In the scope, the scale for FFT is now linear and easier to read
■ An FAQ has been introduced for common questions regarding this app.
■ Values from the Database tools such as the Transistors tool can now be added to projects and now includes all parameters as it already was for calculation tools
■ Bigger selection lists (e.g. for the color selection in the resistors tool)

Project improvements:
All Project maintenance screens have been improved. However, the most important changes here are the support for iCloud drive and the introduction of Online projects

■ Now global search will work again even when in Icon mode
■ Some NTC/PTC tool corrections
■ Some corrections inside the Sockets tool

Content changes:
■Tube 807 pinout added
■ Raspberry Pi Model 2 added