Sample Projects

Sample Projects

This is the on-line resource for Projects that can be downloaded to Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox and the new Windows Project Editor.

In the following sections, you will find various project files.

To import a project from this on-line resource, just browse the list above down to a project, you like to download. Then, just tap / click on the project file.

On iOS for Electronic Toolbox, the Project File will be imported as Project and can be found in the Project list.

On Windows, in Project Editor for Windows, it will be downloaded and opened as new Project.

Please feel free to send me your own Projects, if you like to share them with others.

Just send your project files to my Email Address and just add a few comments.

Many thanks in advance,


Audio Projects

Car Audio booster Updated
Dynamic Mike Preamplifier Updated
Electret Mike Booster
Guitar overdrive Pedal Circuit Updated
Sensitive Audio power meter Updated
Stereo widening Updated


Moving light Updated
TTL relay driver Updated
Zener Diode tester
Adjustable Low voltage Power Supply Updated

Home Projects

Light sensitive Alarm
Power on Indicator
Power on Indicator
12V AC Dimmer Updated

Home Installation Projects

4-Way lighting switch Updated
Relay connection
3-Way lighting switch Updated

Other Projects

Control interface via-PC Keyboard
Micro-M Solar Charger (By Clemente)
NE555 On-Off Switch (By Karsten)
Pseudo Fan
Short-Wave Reseiver (by Mike) Updated
Colpitts Oscillator (by Mike) Updated

New Projects

3.3V power supply (New 21th Oct. 2018)
Current Source
NE555 Pulse Modulator