The #1 apps in electronics:

Electronic Toolbox

Electronics at your fingertips
#1 app for engineers, students and hobbyists.

The #1 because...

Great Features, Great support, Continuous development
  • Loaded with Tools and Applications

    These apps are loaded with more features than any other. Why ? Because I listen to you. If you are missing a feature today, chances are you will find it soon in one of the following updates. This lasts now since more than five years which made my apps better than any other.

  • Huge component databases

    No other app contains so much reference material. 100.000+ Transistors, Diodes, Controllers, ICs with datasheets, pinout, specification and cross reference information are included in Electronic Toolbox.

  • Easy to use – modern design

    Since 2009, both apps have been completely re-developed a few times in order to continuously adapt with the latest technologies and to improve the user experience. The unique user interface allows quick and easy calculations and searching. Online help in English and German provides background information and help.

  • Expert knowledge

    The apps include not only my personal engineering knowledge. I am closely working together with Suppliers, Manufacturers, Universities and Professors. They all have helped to make these apps the best electronic and RF engineering tools and resources.

The apps...

If you are in electronics, either engineer, student or hobbyist, these apps are right what you need.
Electronic Toolbox
Electronics for engineers, students or hobbyists
High frequency toolbox for RF professionals, HAM radio amateurs, students, Microwave designers or electronic hobbyists.

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