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Electronic Toolbox V 4.01.00 released

I am really happy to confirm the release of version 4.01.00 of Electronic Toolbox.

This version contains many changes “under the hood” but here is, what you will notice and hopefully like:

  • The RL module has now been turned to a RL / RC module.
  • A bug in the filter tool when adding a component to a project was fixed
  • It is now possible to switch off the splash screen to not appear when the App is re-started (e.g. when switching from another app)
  • The frequency generator now also offers the possibility to select musical notes.
  • The sliders in the frequency generator will now be adjusted when another fixed frequency is selected.
  • The sliders in the parametric filter (e.g. Transistor, FET etc.) will now work for small values.
  • In addition, these sliders also offer the possibility to enter the minimum and maximum value manually.
  • Now, the app will only check for new updates once per day. This speeds up further starts after one check has been done. So if you disabled automatic update because of high latencies of your WiFi network, you may want to check if you can re-enable automatic updates.
  • The Transistor database has been completely updated. There are now many additional parameters and many more types. The transistor database now is quite huge and it took me some time to keep the speed usable on slower devices.

New Tools:

  • An IGBT  database was added.
  • A Tubes database was added (see notes below).
  • Along with the change of the RL / RC Tool a new Tool for reactance calculation was added.
  • A pi / T attenuator Tool was added.
  • Two new tools to calculate the cable length were added. Due to the quite different standards and approaches between US and European cable length calculation, I had to add two different Tools (US and IEC). You can hide the Tool you don’t need for your country in the organizer.

A note to the Tube database: It took me some time to collect and manually maintain this data. The database is already quite huge. However, the socket pin out for some Tubes are still missing. I will add this over the time. For the socket diagrams, I mainly concentrated so far on the most popular types like the EC/ECC81 etc. but if you are missing a certain type, just let me know.

I will now continue to work on the To-Do list that contains all your ideas and requests. Please don’t be disappointed if a specific request has not yet implemented. I usually set the priorities on my ToDo list according the number of people asking for certain functionality.

Like always, please let me know if you are experiencing an issue with my app or if you are missing a certain feature or functionality. I promise to listen to you and consider your mail.

As this update now has been released, many of your nice and kind customer reviews will get invisible as customer reviews only apply to the most recent version.

I kindly ask you to update your review or add another review for this version in order to help me to keep up my work on this app.

Thank you and kind regards,



Some news

After a few quiet weeks, some news about my progress.

I have finished development of the next version and will continue with some more testing before I will send this update to Apple for reviewing.

Besides some bugfixing, speed improvements and a lot of minor changes, the next version will add a few new tools. Some of them long awaited.

Fortunately I was able to work through a full page on my to-do list but the list is still quite long – which is good.

Now, that I am finished with development, I will create a new data update over the next days. This will also fix some data issues and especially I plan to add some more Analog ICs as I have received many requests.

So stay tuned!

Thanks for your support and suggestions and sorry that I can’t come back to each of you individually.

Kind regards,

Data Update 1.12

As announced, a new data update is now available with the following contents and changes:

  • Several OpAmps added (TL07x and family, MC1458 and several LM types)
  • Additional analog ICs such as the ICL7660, TDA1522 etc.
  • Improvements of the ANSI and ISO drill sizes
  • Several additional data corrections

This data update also contains data for the next App version which is still in the review process of Apple.

This was my last update before my annual leave next week. I hope that Apple will release the update before I leave.

I will be back first of August so please be a bit patient if you have a support request or question.

Thanks again to all of you and have a great summertime!

Marcus Roskosch