Change History

Current Version 12.00.03 – Oct. 2018:

  • ■ Synchronization of multiple Circuits
  • ■ Synchronization now happens automatically and seamlessly in the background
  • ■ iCloud Drive support has been improved
  • ■ A bug, causing duplicate file names has been fixed
  • ■ The Circuit Editor now supports US Symbol Style
  • ■ A new universal IC Symbol allows to draw ANY possible Chip variant with any number of Pins and Pin names

Version 12.00.01 – Sep. 2018:

  • ■ iPhone XR, XS / Max compatibility
  • ■ iOS 12 compatibility
  • ■ Some other minor bugs fixed

Version 11.30 – Jul. 2018:

Bug Fixes:

  • ■ Missing Image (e.g. DB9 Female to RJ45 in Sockets -> Cable connections) fixed
  • ■ Wrong color assignment (e.g. in Tables -> Cable Colors -> Fiber Optic Cable) fixed.
  • ■ In Circuit Editor, using the Trashcan Icon to delete files is now working

The following tools have been redesigned (Electronic Toolbox):

  • ■ Arduino
  • ■ Raspberry Pi
  • ■ Beagle
  • ■ TI LaunchPad

The following tools have been added in Electronic- and RF-Toobox:

  • ■ Colors (for Color conversion between different standards)

The following tools have been added in Electronic Toolbox:

  • ■ NanoPi
  • ■ Orange Pi
  • ■ Banana Pi
  • ■ ODROID
  • ■ Cubieboard
  • ■ SparkFun

These Tools now contain more than 170 Boards, including offline quick reference, online access to data-sheets and images, all with seamless integration to the Project Tool.

Data update 11.21.1 – June, 2018

    • ■ Database fixes that had caused some images for not being displayed and empty or wrong sorted rows
    • ■ Various Database additions (including RasPi 3 Model B+)
    • ■ Additional changes that makes this Data update backward compatible to older App Versions

Version 11.20 – May, 2018:

  • ■ Improved behavior in slow network conditions while checking for updates
  • ■ Support for the new iOS 11 File Sharer for Circuit Diagrams
  • ■ Improvements for the iPhone X
  • ■ TIP102, LM13700 and other components added (Electronic Toolbox only)
  • ■ New setting for even smaller Icons
  • ■ Improved Circuit Editor
  • ■ Corrections and additions to some component databases
  • ■ Changes, necessary for iOS 11.3

Version 11.10.4 – Dec, 2017:

Version 11.10.4 is a bugfix for Version 11.10.3 with the following fixes:

  • ■ Cross Reference Tool now working correct
  • ■ Circuit Editor save changes bug fixed
  • ■ Some minor UI bugs fixed

Version 11.10.3 – Dec, 2017:

  • ■ Several Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • ■ New Component Cross Reference Tool
  • ■ New Make Section…
  • ■ …With Order List
  • ■ …Library
  • ■ …Bookmarks
  • ■ …Order List
  • ■ …RS Product Browser
  • ■ …Octopart Browser

Version 11.0.2 – Nov, 2017:

  • ■ iPhone X support
  • ■ iOS 9.x, 10.x and 11.x support
  • ■ New Tool: Current Divider
  • ■ Voltage Divider improvements
  • ■ The db Tool now displays correct Unit prefixes
  • ■ Complex numbers will now displayed without unit prefix
  • ■ Improved US and EU Cable length Tool
  • ■ Transparent Keyboard bar bug fixed
  • ■ Improved Amplifier Tool with 3500+ additional Hybrid ICs
  • ■ Fixed bug in Projects where Octopart Browser didn’t find some Components
  • ■ Tesla Coil calculation Too now works in both directions for Inductance and number of Turns

Data update 10.0.3 – Feb, 2017

  • ■ Fixed Datasheet for the 40162 (was showing the 4016 DS)
  • ■ Various Arduino Boards added (including Teensy, Adafruit)
  • ■ Several Arduino Pinouts added / updated (Thanks for your help!)
  • ■ Several Tubes added / updated such as the ECC81/82/83, 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AX7, 6146x, QQE06/40, QE06/50 aka 807
  • ■ New Memories Section for the ICs tool with PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs etc
  • ■ Some Sockets added/updated
  • ■ Additional minor changes to other databases

Version 10.0.1 – Dec, 2016:

■ Formula bug fixed
■ iOS 10 adaptions
■ 3D-Viewer bug fixed
■ Sound Generator now allows to select output device
■ Projects can now be shared via Email
■ Improved integration of the Tools to the Projects

■ Added: 2-Digit SMD Codes

Electronic Toolbox:

■ Added Tool: TI LaunchPad
■ Added Tool: Audio Amplifier (1500+ Hybrid amplifiers with circuit diagram)
■ Added Tool: Components (Identify components by Name or Picture)

■ A ‘real’ Manual is now available

■ New: Now you can create and draw your own Circuit Diagrams (Beta)

Data update 9.1.3 – Jan, 2016

■ Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi! Raspberry Pi 3 added
■ AN1431T and M Variable output shunt regulator added
■ new Arduino Pro Mini with ATmega328 added
■ TMP35,36 and 37 Low Voltage Temperature Sensor added
■ Arduino SparkFun added
■ USB Type C added
■ Several other database updates and corrections are included

Data Update 9.1.2 – Dec 13, 2015

■ Additional Coax Types (Belden)
■ Mini-DIN Sockets added
■ HAM Radio RIG Socket Pinouts
■ Aviation Pinouts
■ Additional data and information for the packages tool
■ The Tubes had lost their Pinout images for some reason. They are now back, sorry.
■ Quite a few amendments and corrections for the existing databases

Version 9.1.1 – Sep 13, 2015

This version contains new tools, many feature improvements and of course some bug fixes.

New tools:

■ Optocoupler Database – This new Database tool contains more than 400 Optocoupler types including description and pinout
■ Packages Database – This new tool contains more than 300 Package types like DIP, DIP, TO, SIP, SOT etc.

The following new features have been implemented:

■ iOS 9

Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox are now not only fully compatible with iOS 9 (while still backward compatible down to iOS 7), they also support new features introduced with iOS 9 such as:

■ Split view (use the App side by side with another App)
■ Multitasking (App will continue to run in Split view)
■ Improved user interface on iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus in landscape mode

Additional improvements:

■ Now it is possible to directly jump to the compatible types listed inside the transistors, FETs etc.
■ You can now also directly jump to the 74xx and 40xx ICs from inside the Logic tool
■ The Battery charge tool can now also calculate discharge
■ Improved Database parametric filtering
■ Substrate Dielectric can now be selected (e.g. FRA4, GETEC, Polyimide etc.) in the PCB tools (RF-Toolbox only)
■ The voltage divider now also displays ratio between R1/R2 and V1/V2
■ Generator, Scope and Frequency counter now allows input and output either on built in speaker / microphone or headphone plug
■ Upon request, the Frequency tool can now again convert between Period/Frequency/Wavelength
■ Tools like the Raspi tool now have “Useful links“
■ The PV 4-20mA tool now shows sample values in 10% steps (linear and square root)

Improvements in the Projects section:

■ Many additional components added
■ The component browser now allows to search for component types
■ Inside the project, you can now directly jump to the corresponding tool for a certain component. This way, you can now easily double check the pinouts, datasheets or color-code directly from inside the project tool

Bug fixes:

■ The Battery plot function is now working again
■ Some corrections in the parametric filters
■ Some corrections in the calculation of the Toroid tool
■ Some general corrections in the transformer tool
■ Three ring m Ohm values are now accepted in the Resistors tool

Version 8.1.2 – Feb 11, 2015

■ 64 Bit Support
■ iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support
■ Native iCloud Drive Support
– Share Projects between apps on different Devices
– Share Projects between Electronic- and RF-Toolbox
■ iOS 8.x Support
■ Introduction of online Projects
■ Introduction of a FAQ
■ New Tools
– New Beagle Bone Tool
– New Wheatstone Bridge calculator
– New Truth table / Karnaugh table / logic formula conversion tool
– New Frequency counter tool
– New Logic tool
So there are now 77 tools in total.

Tool Improvements:
■ Improved Coil calculation now with single- multi- ferrite-core, Tesla flat and straight wire
■ Introduction of scalable formulas. Formulas now look much better throughout the app and not so big anymore.
■ The sound Generator can now still run even when leaving the tool
■ The sound Generator now has a volume slider
■ A double-tap is now necessary to zoom images. No longer accidental image zooming
■ In the scope, the scale for FFT is now linear and easier to read
■ An FAQ has been introduced for common questions regarding this app.
■ Values from the Database tools such as the Transistors tool can now be added to projects and now includes all parameters as it already was for calculation tools
■ Bigger selection lists (e.g. for the color selection in the resistors tool)

Project improvements:
All Project maintenance screens have been improved. However, the most important changes here are the support for iCloud drive and the introduction of Online projects

■ Now global search will work again even when in Icon mode
■ Some NTC/PTC tool corrections
■ Some corrections inside the Sockets tool

Content changes:
■Tube 807 pinout added
■ Raspberry Pi Model 2 added