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Electronic Toolbox for iOS Update 12.1.1 available

Electronic Toolbox for iOS Update 12.1.1 is the last update for this year.

It add some requested features to the Circuit Drawing Tool:

  • Crystal Component
  • Raspberry Pi board
  • Arduino Uno board

Even though it was previously already possible to draw a Raspberry Pi or Arduino using the general IC component, you can now add these Boards much easier with all available Pins in the circuit drawing Tool.

In addition, for the other Tools, there are some major database updates with new and requested components and some fixes.

A new data-update also updates the included Italian Translation (Thank you Riccardo!!).

Unfortunately, I had to take out Octopart because they suddenly started asking for up to US$500 to continue to use them. This is silly because some of you may have never heard of Octopart and it was probably good advertising for them and they even get their money from their contracted distributors. However, there are many alternatives and I am already working on integrating another alternative. Meanwhile, you can still use the RS Component browser which offers even more accurate and current component information and datasheets.

This was an exciting year and there were 7 App Updates and 12 Data Updates with several improvements based on your requests.

Thank you so much for your support.

Please let others know if you like this App to keep it going.

Thank you so much!

All the best for 2019!

Best Regards,