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Electronic Toolbox Version 14 now available

The next version of Electronic Toolbox is available.

Version 14 contains a lot of internal rewriting with improvements, new features and of course fixes.

The biggest challenge however was to keep that version backward compatible. I had to drop iOS 10 support but was able to keep the new version compatible down to iOS 11. This meant that I had to test the App on four different iOS Versions on several different devices. Unfortunately this took quite some time and I would have rather spent that time into additional features but I hope this effort will be appreciated.

And, even if you can’t update to the new version, you will benefit from the database update because I was able to keep that backward compatible even to older App versions.

Nevertheless, I am happy that all items I had on my list for this update made it to the AppStore. The update will be released during the next days.

Version 14 includes the following changes:


  • Further iOS 14 improvements
  • For the calculation Tools, it is now possible to save calculations under a name and reload them later
  • New Lumen Tool to convert between Lumen and Watts
  • New Photo MOS Relay Tool
  • New Relay driver Tool for designing Relay driver circuits
  • New Legacy Computer Socket Section with pin-outs for C64, Vic/VC20, C128
  • Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 support added
  • Support for Arduino Uno WiFi REV 2
  • Adafruit Playground Express added
  • A few new Op-Amps have been added
  • Further improvements in the ESP32 Tool
  • New ESP8266 Tool


There are many changes in the Make section. This section is now more file centric and has received a new File Manager Tool. From here, you can now open all Projects, Circuits, PDFs and so on. You can copy, rename, delete, print and export files from here as well.


  • Fixes in the Voltage Regulator and constant Current Tools
  • Small changes in the Active Filter calculation Tool
  • Fixes in Tubes Tool
  • In the SamacSys Component search Tool, you can now Bookmark components for later reference from the Bookmarks Tool

Please: If you like my App, please write a review or, in case of problems or suggestions, please use the Support button under Settings inside the App.

Thanks for your fantastic feedback which helped to continuously improve this App.

Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,