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Just keep you updated

Dear users of Electronic Toolbox,

I just like to keep you updated about my current development activities. I have already a lot of data prapared for a data update (based on your requests and some own additions) which would be ready to be sent out. However, I would like to send it out along with the next App update. This App update contains – like always – some great enhancements and new Tools.

As you know, Apple has sent out Beta versions of iOS 7. The good news is, that the current version of Electronic Toolbox already runs on iOS 7 without problems.

On the other hand, I like to implement some changes for the next update so that Electronic Toolbox can benefit from iOS 7 and so it can also be officially maked as iOS 7 compatible. I am corrently working on that but have to wait releasing this update until iOS 7 has been officially released by Apple, which should not take too long anymore.

Please be assured that I will keep backward compatibility as best as possible even though this takes often much more development effort than beeing forward compatible.

So far, it looks as I can keep Electronic Toolbox running from iOS 5 up to iOS 7.

I will keep you updated,

Kind regards,