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New Data Update

A new Data Update is available for Electronic Toolbox

First of all, many thanks for your Feedback and suggestions.

It’s quite exciting to see how many users are working with my App and found it useful sometimes on a daily basis.

While working on the new App Version, I finished a (quite huge) Data Update. So if you download that Data Update, please be patient as it may take some time. It will be included in the next App Version but you don’t need to wait for that so just go to settings and hit Check for data update to download that update.

The Update contains the following changes:

  • Fixed Datasheet for the 40162 (was showing the 4016 DS)
  • Various Arduino Boards added (including Teensy, Adafruit)
  • Several Arduino Pinouts added / updated (Thanks for your help!)
  • Several Tubes added / updated such as the ECC81/82/83, 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AX7, 6146x, QQE06/40, QE06/50 aka 807
  • New Memories Section for the ICs tool with PROMs, EPROMs, EEPROMs etc
  • Some Sockets added/updated
  • Additional minor changes to other databases

Most of this is based on your suggestions and requests. Some users also send me some Datasheets and lists. Many many thanks! I really appreciate.

Best Regards,