Electronic Toolbox News

New version 12.0.3 and new Sample Projects

Version 12.0.3 contains the following changes:

  • Component Synchronization of multiple Circuits
  • Synchronization now happens automatically and seamlessly in the background
  • iCloud Drive support has been improved
  • A bug, causing duplicate file names has been fixed
  • The Circuit Editor now supports US Symbol Style (can be changed in board settings)
  • A new universal IC Symbol allows to draw ANY possible Chip variant with any number of Pins and Pin names

Today, I have also released a new Data Update. Once loaded, the “Online Projects” button will link to the new Online Projects website.

The old Online Project section had some issues from time to time and will be discontinued in a few days. The new site should now be much more stable.

I did use this opportunity also to update many Sample Projects and even to add some more. These projects are now using the new capabilities introduced with version 12.0.3 and also requires this version to load correctly.

This update is also a preparation of another exciting App coming soon which now has been submitted for Review.

I will announce more, once the App passes the review process so please stay tuned.

Thanks for your great support and fantastic reviews!

Best regards,