Electronic Toolbox News

Update of Electronic Toolbox available!

New Version 4.01.01 of Electronic Toolbox is now available!

This version is mainly a maintenance update to fix some reported issues but also contains some improvements:

  • The unfortunate issue in the LED tool has been fixed
  • When switching between calculation types, reasonable unit types will now automatically be applied
  • Some improvements in the NE555 tool
  • Added some additional LED types in the LED tool
  • Projects and project attachments can now be deleted by using the swipe gesture
  • Projects can now have URL attachments to websites
  • Possibility to fine-tune the frequency in the Frequency Generator in order to measures an external sound in note and frequency easier
  • Some accessibility improvements for VoiceOver
  • Some preparations for iOS 6

And finally one new tool:

  • Capacitor Charge and Energy calculator

Thanks again for your support and help.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,