Monthly Archives: October 2013

Data update for Electronic Toolbox available

A new data update is available for Electronic Toolbox.

This data update includes some changes in the transistor database (which is why this update is a big bigger than usual) and will correct the Avagadro’s number.

For the German users, there are also some added translations included.

Finally, it includes some new ICs as requested such as the OPAx134, LME497x0 and LM4562.

A new app update will also come soon. I expect to send it to Apple next week. The next app update will mainly correct a few mistakes that have been slipped in with the last update like the inability to add components to a project in some of the tools and some other minor fixes. It will also come with a slightly changed design which fits better to the new flat iOS 7 design.

Thanks again for your support,

kind regards,


RF-Toolbox data and app update

A new app update 6.07.01 and data update will be available tomorrow, Friday October 18th

The new app update adds the Desktop calculator that has been introduced recently in Electronic Toolbox.

Also, there is now a new Newsreader which should now offer news in a more reliable way. The newsreader also has some more features like the ability to not just mark news as read but also to delete them. Also you can see both, RF-Toolbox news and Electronic Toolbox news together in one app if you own both apps.

You will also notice a lot of design changes. Some users requested to adapt the look and feel to the new iOS 7 style with the flat buttons and more simplistic style. I hope everybody of you will like it. Initially, I personally was a bit skeptic so I was with iOS 7 but like iOS 7, I really started to love the new design and quickly adapted to the new look. So now I also like the new design of RF-Toolbox much better and it really fits better to the iOS 7 design.

There is also a major change in the way how input and output fields can be selected. These are the fields with the yellow arrow in front of it. They are now working consistently as follows:

  • If you decide that you like one value to be calculated (you like to get the results for that field), you just need to tap on the button in front of the field and the yellow button appears – this is how it was in almost all tools so far.
  • If you decide that you like to enter a value in a field that has been calculated so far (so it currently has the yellow button but no input box), you just need to tap on the result value (this is were you would expect the white input box) and if you tap on it, the input box appears and you can enter your value.

I think this is much more intuitive like before.

And like always, several additional things have been adjusted and corrected under the hood.

PLEASE NOTE: along with this app update, there is also a data update that is required for the app update. I will release the data update already but the app update will be available by tomorrow. Please don’t forget to install the data update by using the “Check for update now” button in the settings screen of the app. The order of the installation (data update or App update) does not matter.

Thanks again for all your mails and support and please be patient if not everything has been implemented yet – I am already working on the next version.

Kind regards,