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Windows Project Editor – Anybody interested ?

While maintaining the projects you sent me (again many thanks!) I found it a bit cumbersome to edit the projects in my App, even on an iPad. This is basically because I am used to enter larger amounts of texts on a regular keyboard and also because I have most of the files that I like to attach to projects on my PC (yes, not my Mac).

I am happy, to carry the projects around with my iPad and even make some changes and additions but for the majority of work I like to use my PC or Mac.

For this reason, I developed a small Windows Program which can read, write and edit Electronic (and RF-) Toolbox Project files (.etb4prj).

So far, this program is really Beta and definitely contains some bugs but I am working with this software for quite some time now.

Here is a screen shot of the current version:


So I am wondering if anybody else is interested in this program. Again, it is only available for Windows and should run on Windows 7 and newer.

If you are interested, just let me know by using the “Support” Button inside Electronic Toolbox or RF-Toolbox and you will receive the Beta Version.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Best Regards,

New data update, new projects and iOS 9

As you may have seen already, a new data update is available and I added some new online projects.

Data update

This data update 8.8 contains the following changes:

New Online Projects

Right after sending out my last news blog post, I received some projects from you. Many thanks!

After adding the 9V Colpitts Oscillator some days ago, I just added the following user projects:

To all of you, again many thanks for sharing these projects with other users.

I hope these good examples now encourage more users to send me more of their projects.

Please contact me in case of questions.

iOS 9

I guess some of you have seen the exciting Apple WWDC event yesterday. If not, you can still watch the Keynote from here.

It’s exciting to see how many new and great features like new Multitasking capabilities, the new Keyboard features and Touchpad to move the cursor and other great things are about to come with the next iOS version.

This really shows that Apple won’t stop to further improve something we all already don’t want to miss anymore. It’s also good to see that Apple now concentrates on many small and useful features as well as stability and speed rather than mainly UI design. It is also good to know that all devices that currently run iOS 8 will be supported so everybody will be able to update to iOS 9.

I could not wait to run iOS 9 on some of my test devices and it’s really great – already.

The best news however is, that Electronic Toolbox as well as RF-Toolbox already run on iOS 9 without any issue and they even benefit and can use some of the new features.

Of course will I also integrate some new features of iOS 9 directly into my Apps but first and before I will finish the version I am currently working on.

I will keep you updated,

Many thanks to all users and supporters!

Thanks for your reviews!

Best regards,