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A new data update is available for Electronic Toolbox

A new data update V 1.20 is now available

This data update V 1.20 is basically a preparation for the next app Version 6 of Electronic Toolbox.

However, it also contains some amendments and additions for the current version such as:

  • A new section “Physical constants” for the Tables tool
  • Some amendments for the AWG tool
  • Several Displays have been added to the ICs Tool and the Displays section such as the LKC-1602 16×2 Character LCD Display and others
  • The LM35has been added to the analog ICs section
  • The missing Serial ATA 15 Pin power plug has been added to the Sockets tool
  • The LM107has been added to the OpAmp ICs section
  • Some amendments to the Toroids database
  • A new section “Cable connections” has been added to the Sockets Tool for cables such as serial null-modem and spy cable layouts and some more
  • In addition, there were some text changes and minor data corrections.


Again, to all of you, many many thanks for all your support and you kind app store reviews and your encouraging E-Mails. This really helps me to keep up my work on my app.

I trust you will like the next app version 6 which will basically add several enhancements that you have been asking for. I hope it will be released soon.

Thanks again and kind regards,