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Electronic Toolbox version 6 announcement

Version 6 development status update

Just to keep you updated as you might be wondering about the availability of the next update.

I am currently working hard on the next update but it took me a bit longer than expected but mainly because I decided to add a few things that required some changes in all areas of the app.

First of all, the new version will contain a global search mechanism. With this feature, you will be able to search for e.g. “0402” and will get results for diodes of the type 0402 as well as the SMD code 0402. Or if you search for “Ethernet” you will get all Ethernet socket types or the Ethernet conversion rates. It is also possible to quickly find specific conversions or content that is hidden in the table tool. This search function replaces the search bar in the tool list view and is now also available for the tool icon view.

As many users already asked for such a global search function and as there are now almost 50 tools included in my app which sometimes makes it difficult to find a certain calculation or database, I found it’s about time to add such a global search function. As you can imagine, this required a lot of changes throughout the whole app.

The same is the case for the changes for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5. I was able to replace several functions that are no longer necessary as they are now included in iOS 6. This speeds up the app in many areas. Especially the “check-for-update” function benefits from this quite enormous. It also resulted in many minor tweaks and improvements. However, most of them are only available on iOS 6.

But most importantly, I was able to keep the app backward compatible back to iOS 4.3 and back to the iPhone 3GS. (However, I would not recommend running the app on a 3GS as my app runs too slow on those devices). Also, I have only one Test Device for iOS 4.3 available and only three test users (if still available). iOS 6 is now the preferred iOS for my app as the app can then take advantage of the new features. Even if you say you don’t use any of the features that have been introduced by iOS 6, the app will run better and faster on iOS 6.

The survey also speaks a clear voice (Thank you all for participating). Most of the users have updated to iOS 6. For the few users still working with a previous iOS version after and including 4.3, the app will still run on your device but I would recommend updating as mentioned before.

For the few devices that run older iOS versions (prior to 4.3) and for those with an iPhone 3G, I am not able to provide updates anymore. Again, this is not because I am not willing (I would if I could) but because Apple discontinued supporting the armv6 CPU. I have no chance to send an update to apple that still supports this CPU.

I have now still some work to do with the next update as I wanted to complete the implementation of a few changes and additions but most of the work, especially most of the heavy work, has been done.

So please stay tuned and many thanks again for your great support!

Kind regards,