Cracked Electronic Toolbox versions

There is again another cracked Electronic Toolbox version of the latest update of in the wild. This happens from time to time and I am monitoring this and already know who distributed this version. However, it happens again that this version contains additional code. My investigation showed that THAT VERSION COLLECTS YOUR APPLE ID AND MAIL CREDENTIALS and even some other data from your device. So I can only WARN to use any cracked version. I can only anticipate that those guys who cracked my and other apps try to use that information to hijack your Apple devices for ransom.

Please be assured that IT IS NOT MY original APP which collects your data but ONLY THE CRACKED versions.

Anyway, I spent even too much time in this subject and even in those users who asked for support while using such a cracked app. I will rather concentrate on continuing to further extend Electronic Toolbox for free without inAppPurchase for anybody who purchased the app once.

Many thanks for your mails and many many thanks for your reviews. This really helps. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,