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Update Version 6.07.01 for Electronic Toolbox available

Thank Goodness it’s Friday! as the new Electronic Toolbox update 6.07.01 is now available.

This update fixes some issues that have been reported such as the not working “Add to project” buttons in some areas of the app and the inability to add folders in the organizer. Sorry for that.

Now, in the unit conversion tool, it is again possible to see all other conversions at a glance like in the older version. All possible conversions can now be observed by tapping on the selection below “Convert to:”. Thanks for this suggestion!

There is now a consistent way to decide which value should be calculated and which are the “given” values.

As an example, in the Ohm’s law tool, let’s say you like to calculate Current and Power based on Voltage and Resistance. You can tap on the small button in front of the Current and Power fields. These buttons will then turn to have a small arrow indicating that these values will be calculated.

Now, it is also possible to tap at the location where you expect an input field in order to get the white input field for entering a value.

You will also notice a change in the user interface. I have changed several areas throughout the whole app so that it fits better to iOS 7. There are new Icons, new fonts, less 3D buttons and headers and less rounded rectangles. I personally like it much better and hopefully you do too.

Also, the News section has been completely re-coded. It is now also possible to delete news entries.

Finally, I found that the review button was no longer working in the previous version and that was probably why there were just a few review updates with the last version.

So now, it should again be possible to write or update reviews.

The data update I sent out on Wednesday is mandatory for this app update so please also check if you have not yet installed it. Here is a short summary of the contents of the data update:

  • LM34 (Precision Fahrenheit Temperature Sensors) added to the ICs tool
  • 2N6027 and 6028 (Programmable Unijunction Transistor) added to the ICs tool
  • The upcoming Arduino Tre and the older Arduino Duemilanove were added
  • An update to the Italian translation was added (thanks Massimo!)
  • Several changes to the Info texts in German and English.

The two added chips LM34 and 2N6027/8 are both quite interesting. I never heard about them before until two users asked me to add them (thank you!).

Like alway, many thanks to you all who helped me to continuously improve my app.

Please don’t hesitate to write me if you find an issue or ask me to add new features or components.

Many thanks and kind regards and have a great weekend!