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Windows 8 update available now and iOS Version comming on Friday

Fortunately, the new Windows version of Electronic Toolbox was just released by Microsoft and the iOS Update will be available this Friday.

Lately Microsoft gave me a hard time to fulfill all requirements for the naming of screen shots on the Windows Store and several additional minor requirements. The good thing is though, that Microsoft takes Store approving serious – which is good, for you as customer as well as for me as developer and customer. I hate the lax or even not existing Google approvement procedure which causes many rubbish, non-working, faking and Trojan apps on the Android play store.

However, back to the Windows version, which includes many changes such as:

[su_list icon=”icon: windows”]

  • New NTC / PTC tool – New Raspberry Pi tool
  • New Constant current source tool
  • New AC Ohms Law tool
  • New ASCII Table tool
  • New Zener Diode tool
  • Instrumentaion OpAmp calculation
  • New languages for the User Interface: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Updated Databases
  • Some changes for Windows 8.1
  • Some Bug fixes and many additional minor changes


The Windows version is available here.

iOS update

The iOS Update, as mentioned, will be available this Friday. It contains quite some fixes and internal improvements. I will talk about that on Friday so please stay tuned.

In addition to the app update, I will create another data update which will be available either today or tomorrow.

Kind regards,