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Finally another update 6.10.02 of Electronic Toolbox is now available

Finally, the promised update has been released.

This update includes the following changes and additions:

■ Trace-With tool

This tool was moved over from the RF-Toolbox app and helps to calculate width of internal or external PCB striplines based on the IPC-2221 charts.

■ Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations tool

This tool helps to create a certain value by calculating various combinations of serial or parallel connected components. This is especially useful if you can’t find a component with a certain value in your shack or if you need to create a value outside the E-Series standard. So if you are looking for a 10k resistor but have none available, you can just use this tool to find out how to build this value with a certain combination of other resistors.

■ 4-20mA conversion tool

This new tool converts values based on the instrumentation systems 4-20mA DC standard. This was a user request from some users and I was hoping to implement it sooner but finally, here it is.

■ support for oz/ft² (Copper Plating Weight in oz)

Especially for the newly added PCB trace calculation (see above), thickness can be entered in oz/ft² .

■ calculator degree / radian support

The trigonometric functions like sin() and cos() can now calculate in radians and degrees and there is a new button which can be used to switch between these two. However, the degree button ° can still be used to convert values from degree to radians, thus when set to radians and calculating sin(45°) results in the same value as if the calculation is set to degree and entering sin(45) .

■ unit tool improvements

The unit tool received some more improvements and now remembers previously selected unit types and units.

■ New Transistor tool added

A new Transistor tool replaces the former BJT tool. This tool adds bias point calculations and circuit calculation of the three common Transistor circuit types.

■ New FET tool added

Similar to the Transistor tool, a new tool to calculate FET bias point and basic FET circuits has been added.

■ NE555 tool improvement

In the NE555 tool, it is now possible to calculate the duty cycle.

■ NTC/PTC tool improvement

It is now possible to calculate in both directions. You can either enter temperature or resistance and the other value will be calculated.

■ Disable sleep mode

Some users told me that they use my app in the lab all the day and leave their device switched on all the time to quickly perform some calculations. They asked me for the possibility to let the App prevent the device from entering the sleep mode to speed up their access to this app. For this reason, there is now a new setting under Miscellaneous. Please note that, once this setting is on, the device will no longer save battery time. Once you exit the app, everything is back to normal. You may also want to disable the splash screen along with this setting.

■ Additional Types and datasheets

Included in the data update which is required for this app update, several new types and datasheets have been added. For instance about 300+ new datasheets and types in the 40xxx/45xxx cmos IC section. Also, some corrections for the AVR JTAG Socket, 3N140 and 4073 are included.

■ Additional minor improvements

Now, in the calculator, it is no longer necessary to hit the ANS key when entering an operator after the previous calculation has been finished.

PLEASE NOTE: A new major release will also be available soon. It has now been sent to Apple and is waiting for being released. This major release contains some other user requests and improvements so please don’t worry if your request is not included in this release.

In case you find an error or have some questions, please contact me using the Support button inside the app or the support form on the website.

Many thanks for your feedback and your support.

Kind regards,