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New version 7 finally available!

Finally, as announced yesterday, the new version of Electronic Toolbox Pro is now available on the AppStore.

I have re-coded huge parts of the app. Basically, this release changes many things under the hood, adds many general features you have asked for, offers a completely revised and freshen up user interface and fixes many small or even a few larger bugs. Finally, it adds a new cool tool: an oscilloscope. Also, this app is now already compatible to the recently announced iOS 8.

Here are some changes to the previous version:

■ UI Improvements

The user interface has been freshened up and now uses some remaining iOS 7 features such as special animations, list swiping, popover selections, the new keyboard and some more. To implement those features, unfortunately I had to drop IOS 5 support but the app still supports iOS 6.

However, don’t worry if you don’t want or can’t update to iOS 6 or 7, you can still use the existing Version 6 of the app as it will still be available on the AppStore for downloading and best of all, it will still get improvements via Data updates.

On the special keyboard, you can now double-tap on the X button to clear all input field of the whole screen (Thanks Hal for this suggestion).

Amongst this, every single tool has been revised. They not just look and behave now more consistently.

■ Parametric search improvements

When looking for a certain Transistor, FET or even Tube with certain characteristics / parameters, filters can be used. These filters have been improved in Version 7. It is now even possible to create multiple filters which can be stored and recalled at a later time.

■ iCloud and improved DropBox and iTunes support

DropBox and iTunes have already been supported to import and export projects. Now, Project import and export has been improved in many ways and iCloud has been added as another option for importing and exporting.

In Addition, app settings and your Organizer app customizations can also be saved and restored to and from iCloud. This way, you can save your work after rearranging all icons to your individual requirements. Moreover, you can use iCloud to transfer these settings to another i-Device if you own more than one device. This way, you can use your settings and organizer view consistently on all your devices.

■ Improved action button

The action button now has a new icon and will now act as a real action button. Now, it always opens a popup menu with several options based on the current situation.

■ Grouped Tool view

For those of you, who got lost in the numerous tools (now 72) the app now provides a new grouping option. By selecting this option, tools will now be grouped by the following subjects:

  • General Tools
  • Tools dealing with passive components
  • Tools dealing with active components
  • Conversion tools
  • Circuit tools
  • RF related tools

You can still group and arrange tools based on your own preferences and even mix the grouped view with your own groups by using the included organizer.

■ An Oscilloscope was added

Now, with this new tool, the app contains 72 tools in total. Several more are already under development. This Oscilloscope behaves almost like a real Oscilloscope but of course limited to audio signals and microphone input.

■ Bug fixes and minor improvements

While working on each tool, I did also fix some bugs of course.


While almost 70% of the code has been re-coded, I already apologize for any possible new bug which is not unlikely due to this amount of new code, even though I and a couple of Beta Testers have tested this release (many thanks to you at this point).

As always, please let me know about any bug, ideally using the support button inside the app and I promise to fix any bug real quick.

Again, many thanks for your feedback.

Please please don’t forget to rate the app or update your review. Unfortunately, with every update I sent out, your previous reviews disappear. But you just need to slightly update your previous review to let it appear again. Many thanks for this.

Kind regards,