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Updated Project Editor



Thanks for your feedback to the Project Editor.

I have just created a small Project Editor update 1.06 with the following changes:

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  • The recently introduced additional Components are now also available in the Project Editor
  • When selecting a Component, the Component symbol will now be displayed
  • The sample Project file and the few Sample Documents (including the two 3D objects) are now installed in the Project Document Directory in two separate Directories
  • The download and the code is now code-signed so you will no longer get scary warning errors when installing
  • The installation program is now an InstallShield .EXE file rather than a Microsoft MSI File
  • The Installer should now also install the .NET framework, if not already installed


Based on your feedback, I am a little surprised that almost nobody is using iCloud Drive to synchronize Projects between your Windows PC and the Apps. I personally found it the ideal way to share Projects not just between the Windows PC and my Apple Devices but also between my iPads and iPhones and even between Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox. Especially when using the Project Editor, it makes much sense to work with iCloud Drive.

The other options (DropBox, iTunes, email) are still possible but I found that too cumbersome and time consuming.

Don’t be scared, if you don’t like to synchronize your Photos or Keychain by using iCloud (like myself). You really don’t have to, when using iCloud Drive along with Electronic Toolbox or RF-Toolbox. You can use it solely to Synchronize your Projects files if you like.

All information, how to download Project Editor, how install and use it and even how to configure iCloud Drive can still be found on this page:

I still appreciate your valuable feedback about the project Editor.

I am currently finalizing the next update of Electronic Toolbox which will be sent to Apple in a few days.

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards,