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RF-Toolbox released and Electronic Toolbox app AND data update available

RF-Toolbox available

News for today:

  • RF-Toolbox has been released
  • A new App update V 6.00.05 for Electronic Toolbox is available
  • And finally there is a data update for Electronic Toolbox available

First regarding RF-Toolbox:

This new app is specialized on high frequency electronics for RF professionals, radio amateurs and students. RF-Toolbox is based on my Electronic Toolbox, contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.

Just checkout the features and screenshots on my website: creating-your-app/rf-toolbox or the AppStore :

New app and data update for Electronic Toolbox:

The data update V 1.23 comes along with a new app update V 6.00.05 so please check out the AppStore for an app update as well as pressing “Check for update now” inside the app (settings screen) to get the latest data update. The order of these updates doesn’t matter.

The data update includes new ICs as requested such as the MCP3204, the MCP3208 and the MAX7219. It also contains some more units for the measurements tool as well of some corrections (e.g. the OBD II socket).

The app update V 6.00.05 contains basically some corrections for the NE555 tool, where it was not possible to calculate based on a given time or frequency. Now, it is possible to enter either the time or frequency as unit in order to perform the desired calculation.

Also, the RLC tool has been revised so that either RL, RC, LC and RLC impedances can be calculated either in series and parallel circuits.
Finally, some information texts have been added to some tools.

Thanks again and kind regards,




App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox 6 available

Electronic Toolbox news

First of all Happy New Year to everybody!

Good news though! Finally Electronic Toolbox 6 is available on the app store and can be updated for free.

The new version contains several improvements and extensions. Here is an excerpt of most of the changes:

  • 4″ Retina and iPad Mini support.
  • iOS 6 support but still compatible starting from iOS 4.3 and runs on all devices from iPod-Touch, iPhone and iPad devices that run at least iOS 4.3.
  • Global Search across all tools and databases.
  • New special keyboards for faster hexadecimal and numeric entries.
  • New option to add the calculation result screen to a project.
  • New option to print the calculation results.
  • New setting for switching between metric or imperial units.
  • Especially for the US, possibility to switch off the use of ‘U’ for Voltage in the settings.
  • Support for E-Series standard values across the whole app for resistors, capacitors and inductors.
  • Rearranged and simplified settings screen.
  • Indication whether a PDF has or has nor already been downloaded.
  • Better optimization of fonts, formulas and images especially for the iPad.
  • The Measurements tool has been completely rewritten.
  • New Tool: SMD Resistore Code.
  • New Tool: Inductor Code.
  • New Tool: Formulas for quick search for individual formulas.
  • New Tool: Bridge Rectifier.
  • New Tool: Toroid Winding.
  • New Tool: Transformer.
  • New Table: Physical Constants.
  • The Voltage regulator Tool now also supports the LM350.
  • The LED-Tool now also calculates the resistor power.
  • The Filter Tool now also supports Band-Stop filters.
  • Improvements of the tools NE555, Reactance, Filter and OpAmp.
  • Optimized and nicer Icon display.
  • Improved data update mechanism.
  • Some error corrections.

Please note that this version now requires at least iOS 4.3. Please do not install if you are using an older iOS version.

Detail information and information on how to use these new features can be found here on

Finally a big big thank you for your suggestions and support. You helped me and the other users to continuously keep up my work on my app.

Please stay tuned as I am already working on the next version.

If you like this update, please continue to support me be writing or updating your app store review a review is just visible for the current version.

If you find an error or something that is missing or can be improved, please let me know via E-Mail as I can’t respond to app store reviews.

Thanks again and kind regards,




App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

New Electronic Toolbox data update 1.21 – new Version 6 – Merry Christmas

Electronic Toolbox news

Dear Users of Electronic Toolbox.

First of all, many thanks for your kind support, your suggestions, requests and your kind AppStore reviews which all have helped to continuously improve my app.
Many of your suggestions have already been implemented for the next version 6 of the app.

Regarding the next version, I have good and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news. Apple is closing down for the holidays over Christmas. This doesn’t mean that my app won’t work or cannot be purchased anymore but I cannot release an update during their holidays.

The good news is however, that Apple has finally released Version 6 today. This means, that I will make it available to the app store right on January 2nd and like always, for free for all existing users.

As mentioned before, this version doesn’t contain so many more tools but many changes under the hood and changes that affected almost all existing tools such as the support for E-Series values or the global search function. Version 6 will, of course, support the new 4” retina display and iOS 6. As there were much rumors about my app being or not-being compatible to older iOS version, I can again confirm that it will run on iOS 4.3, 5.x and 6 and will run on all devices which can run at least iOS 4.3 (for further reading, just head to my blog :

I will announce the details of the changes and additions along with the release of version 6.

Today’s Electronic Toolbox data update only contains a few more tables for the tables tool, some corrections and some more information texts for the existing tools.

As usual, I am already working on the next version (even though the new version has not been released). My to-do list with my own ideas and your suggestions is still quite long so there is still much to do.

I have also some exciting ideas and already talked to a very interesting company who will be able to support my app in many respects. So I am sure, 2013 is going to be an exciting year for Electronic Toolbox. So stay tuned…

I like to thank you again and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best regards,


App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

A new data update is available for Electronic Toolbox

A new data update V 1.20 is now available

This data update V 1.20 is basically a preparation for the next app Version 6 of Electronic Toolbox.

However, it also contains some amendments and additions for the current version such as:

  • A new section “Physical constants” for the Tables tool
  • Some amendments for the AWG tool
  • Several Displays have been added to the ICs Tool and the Displays section such as the LKC-1602 16×2 Character LCD Display and others
  • The LM35has been added to the analog ICs section
  • The missing Serial ATA 15 Pin power plug has been added to the Sockets tool
  • The LM107has been added to the OpAmp ICs section
  • Some amendments to the Toroids database
  • A new section “Cable connections” has been added to the Sockets Tool for cables such as serial null-modem and spy cable layouts and some more
  • In addition, there were some text changes and minor data corrections.


Again, to all of you, many many thanks for all your support and you kind app store reviews and your encouraging E-Mails. This really helps me to keep up my work on my app.

I trust you will like the next app version 6 which will basically add several enhancements that you have been asking for. I hope it will be released soon.

Thanks again and kind regards,


App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox version 6 announcement

Version 6 development status update

Just to keep you updated as you might be wondering about the availability of the next update.

I am currently working hard on the next update but it took me a bit longer than expected but mainly because I decided to add a few things that required some changes in all areas of the app.

First of all, the new version will contain a global search mechanism. With this feature, you will be able to search for e.g. “0402” and will get results for diodes of the type 0402 as well as the SMD code 0402. Or if you search for “Ethernet” you will get all Ethernet socket types or the Ethernet conversion rates. It is also possible to quickly find specific conversions or content that is hidden in the table tool. This search function replaces the search bar in the tool list view and is now also available for the tool icon view.

As many users already asked for such a global search function and as there are now almost 50 tools included in my app which sometimes makes it difficult to find a certain calculation or database, I found it’s about time to add such a global search function. As you can imagine, this required a lot of changes throughout the whole app.

The same is the case for the changes for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5. I was able to replace several functions that are no longer necessary as they are now included in iOS 6. This speeds up the app in many areas. Especially the “check-for-update” function benefits from this quite enormous. It also resulted in many minor tweaks and improvements. However, most of them are only available on iOS 6.

But most importantly, I was able to keep the app backward compatible back to iOS 4.3 and back to the iPhone 3GS. (However, I would not recommend running the app on a 3GS as my app runs too slow on those devices). Also, I have only one Test Device for iOS 4.3 available and only three test users (if still available). iOS 6 is now the preferred iOS for my app as the app can then take advantage of the new features. Even if you say you don’t use any of the features that have been introduced by iOS 6, the app will run better and faster on iOS 6.

The survey also speaks a clear voice (Thank you all for participating). Most of the users have updated to iOS 6. For the few users still working with a previous iOS version after and including 4.3, the app will still run on your device but I would recommend updating as mentioned before.

For the few devices that run older iOS versions (prior to 4.3) and for those with an iPhone 3G, I am not able to provide updates anymore. Again, this is not because I am not willing (I would if I could) but because Apple discontinued supporting the armv6 CPU. I have no chance to send an update to apple that still supports this CPU.

I have now still some work to do with the next update as I wanted to complete the implementation of a few changes and additions but most of the work, especially most of the heavy work, has been done.

So please stay tuned and many thanks again for your great support!

Kind regards,



App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support for Electronic Toolbox

As I am currently working on the next update for Electronic Toolbox pro, I would like to add and use some features of the upcoming iOS 6 and I also like to support the new larger screen of the iPhone 5.

In order to do so, I may have to drop backward compatibility.

Please help to understand you better for my decision by using the survey on the following page:


Thank you in advance.



App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox Dataupdate 1.16

A new data update V 1.16 is available

This new data update includes the following changes:

  • SI-Unitsadded to tables
  • SMD Metric and Imperial Size codes(such as 0402,0805 etc) added
  • About 60 different Toroid types added including specification and Al value (Soon, there will also be a separate tool to calculate coils with Toroids)
  • Glossarywas updated
  • Displayport and Mini-DisplayportSocket added
  • Thunderboldadded
  • 28 Fiber Adapters and Connectors with their specifications added
  • Some translations corrected
  • Some wrong terms corrected

I have some more data available to update but that requires the new app version I am currently working on. Hopefully I will get my iPhone 5 next week so I can perform final tests with the new app version. It is already working on the simulator but I like to perform a physical test.


If you have difficulties to update (either the app on the app store or the data update from inside the app), please contact me. I promise to help as there is no reason why one of those updates should not work. I can’t repeat often enough, if you just write a review, I can’t help.



As it was complained that my app contains too many European traits, I would love to know where this is the case. I tried my best to create an international app but my main focus is and will be the US. So if there is something contained that is not feasible for the US, please somebody let me know and I promise to change that.


Thanks again for your support.

Kind regards, Marcus


App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Some news regarding Electronic Toolbox updates

Some news

I am currently preparing a data update which will be sent out during the next days.

A new app update is also under development but I decided to wait with the distribution to Apple. Since I expect iOS 6 to be released soon, I thought it will be better to add iOS 6 support to the next update as well. Of course, the app will also remain backward compatible to iOS 4.

These days, I am receiving many mails per day. A lot of good suggestions and feature requests. Many many thanks! Please be assured, I am reading every single mail and updating every single suggestion or finding with my ToDo list.

So please don’t get angry if you don’t receive a response to your mail immediate.

I am also struggling with many support requests from people who did not pay for my app. A simple statement at this point to those people: Updates will not work if you have not paid for the app.

Unfortunately, the person called “Redulon” who reported issues with his iPad3 and my app did not contact me so I can’t help him. I am using an iPad3 myself and can’t find any issue.

I am looking forward to send out the new data update soon as well as the next app update after iOS 6 has been released.

Many thanks and have a great weekend,


App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox data update 1.15 available

A new data update V 1.15 is available

This is just a small data update with the following content:

  • IP-Ratings added in the tables tool

The following ICs were added:

  • CC2570, CS2570 (ANT RF Network Processors)
  • DS18B20 (Programmable 1 – Wire Digital Thermometer)
  • UDN298x and ULN200x (8-channel drivers)

And finally:

  • Improved formula images throughout the whole app
  • Some corrections in the 40xx and 74xx IC section


Another data update and app update is already under development but I thought I should send already out an update with the above.


Thanks again for your support, help and suggestions.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,



App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

A few words about cracked versions of Electronic Toolbox – update

Update to “A few words about cracked versions of Electronic Toolbox”

As I concentrated on improving and extending Electronic Toolbox during the last weeks and months, I lost track about the number of cracked versions of ETB circulating on various platforms.

Last week, I found I should check and was quite surprised that again, various versions of my App are available for free again. Those versions have been downloaded and installed about hundred thousand times and the installation base of those cracked versions is higher than the installation base of the version from the AppStore.

I even found two cracked versions that were not just cracked but also contained some additional code. As far as I was able to see, this code accesses the address book and creates a lot of network traffic. Also, some iOS system files (etc/hosts and some others) are being modified. Very strange though.

I still can’t understand why people are not willing to pay a few bucks (the same amount they pay for a BigMac) for an app that is being supported and extended now over years whereas a BigMac just lasts for a few minutes.

Moreover, some of those people even asked for support and submitted change requests.

Crazy world!

So last week, I decided to find out who is uploading cracked versions of my App to those platforms. To my surprise, almost all file-hoster (e.g.,,, etc.) were open to co-operate. They sent me detailed information about who uploaded and who downloaded the suspicious files. Very detailed information that helped me to identify a couple of those guys. Of course, some of them have previously bought a legal version of my app but some didn’t and just wanted to swagger with their ability to crack apps.

I was surprised about the co-operation of those file-hosters but I anticipate that they are quite under pressure after the FBI took action against

I first thought I should take legal action against those guys and some of my friends encouraged me to do so as they saw this as a good opportunity to make much money.

As this it is not my intention to make money with other people’s mistakes but to develop great apps that are useful for many people, I decided against that.

Instead, I contacted a few of those guys via phone (yes, it was even possible to get the phone numbers of some of them) or via E-Mail. Obviously, those people were all quite shocked to get contacted by the developer of the app they cracked. None of them denied that they uploaded my app (otherwise I thought I should change my mind and take legal action against them).

All of them promised that they will never ever upload cracked apps again and my feeling was that they regret what they did.

I really had the impression that they learned their lessons. My lessons learned were, that it is obviously much easier than thought, to catch people who up- and even download cracked apps and that it can be quite dangerous to download cracked apps as there are obviously cracked apps available that have been flavored with additional code.

Now that I caught some of those guys, I will get back to my work on Electronic Toolbox.

My ToDo List of user requests and my own ideas is still quite long and there is much work for me to do but I am happy to implement all of them.

So you can expect more data-updates and app-updates during the next weeks.

Thanks to all users who paid for my app and special thanks to your amazing support!

Marcus Roskosch


I am pretty sure that this case : Sony vs. Tenenbaum, where Joel Tennenbaum uploaded a few songs on file-sharing platforms and now finally found guilty and has to pay US$ 675.000 for his damages can be compared to uploading cracked apps on file-sharing platforms.


App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox reviewed on What’s On iPhone iOS App reviews

The Guys from What’s On iPhone wrote a great review of Electronic Toolbox Pro.


Please read the review at :


App News - General News about my Apps Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox featured on The DailyAppShow

Electronic Toolbox Pro has been featured by the DailyAppShow.

You can even find a small video of my App. Just have a look at :


Electronic Toolbox News

Update of Electronic Toolbox available!

New Version 4.01.01 of Electronic Toolbox is now available!

This version is mainly a maintenance update to fix some reported issues but also contains some improvements:

  • The unfortunate issue in the LED tool has been fixed
  • When switching between calculation types, reasonable unit types will now automatically be applied
  • Some improvements in the NE555 tool
  • Added some additional LED types in the LED tool
  • Projects and project attachments can now be deleted by using the swipe gesture
  • Projects can now have URL attachments to websites
  • Possibility to fine-tune the frequency in the Frequency Generator in order to measures an external sound in note and frequency easier
  • Some accessibility improvements for VoiceOver
  • Some preparations for iOS 6

And finally one new tool:

  • Capacitor Charge and Energy calculator

Thanks again for your support and help.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,




Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox Data update V1.14 available

As announced yesterday, a new data update V 1.14 is now available.

The data update contains the following changes:

  • Temperature chip LM35 added
  • A few coax cables, such as LMR-400 added
  • Comparator ICs LM139,LM239 and LM339 added
  • Function generator IC XR2206 and Oscillator IC XR2207 added
  • New group of Atmel controllers AT89xxx added
  • New section I2C-bus in the IC tool with some I2C-bus ICs like the PCF8574
  • New section Optocouplers in the IC tool with some Optocouplers like the 4N35
  • Some corrections and additions in some databases
  • And finally some preparations for the next App version

Thanks again for your support and help.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,



Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox V 4.01.00 released

I am really happy to confirm the release of version 4.01.00 of Electronic Toolbox.

This version contains many changes “under the hood” but here is, what you will notice and hopefully like:

  • The RL module has now been turned to a RL / RC module.
  • A bug in the filter tool when adding a component to a project was fixed
  • It is now possible to switch off the splash screen to not appear when the App is re-started (e.g. when switching from another app)
  • The frequency generator now also offers the possibility to select musical notes.
  • The sliders in the frequency generator will now be adjusted when another fixed frequency is selected.
  • The sliders in the parametric filter (e.g. Transistor, FET etc.) will now work for small values.
  • In addition, these sliders also offer the possibility to enter the minimum and maximum value manually.
  • Now, the app will only check for new updates once per day. This speeds up further starts after one check has been done. So if you disabled automatic update because of high latencies of your WiFi network, you may want to check if you can re-enable automatic updates.
  • The Transistor database has been completely updated. There are now many additional parameters and many more types. The transistor database now is quite huge and it took me some time to keep the speed usable on slower devices.

New Tools:

  • An IGBT  database was added.
  • A Tubes database was added (see notes below).
  • Along with the change of the RL / RC Tool a new Tool for reactance calculation was added.
  • A pi / T attenuator Tool was added.
  • Two new tools to calculate the cable length were added. Due to the quite different standards and approaches between US and European cable length calculation, I had to add two different Tools (US and IEC). You can hide the Tool you don’t need for your country in the organizer.

A note to the Tube database: It took me some time to collect and manually maintain this data. The database is already quite huge. However, the socket pin out for some Tubes are still missing. I will add this over the time. For the socket diagrams, I mainly concentrated so far on the most popular types like the EC/ECC81 etc. but if you are missing a certain type, just let me know.

I will now continue to work on the To-Do list that contains all your ideas and requests. Please don’t be disappointed if a specific request has not yet implemented. I usually set the priorities on my ToDo list according the number of people asking for certain functionality.

Like always, please let me know if you are experiencing an issue with my app or if you are missing a certain feature or functionality. I promise to listen to you and consider your mail.

As this update now has been released, many of your nice and kind customer reviews will get invisible as customer reviews only apply to the most recent version.

I kindly ask you to update your review or add another review for this version in order to help me to keep up my work on this app.

Thank you and kind regards,



Electronic Toolbox News

Some news

After a few quiet weeks, some news about my progress.

I have finished development of the next version and will continue with some more testing before I will send this update to Apple for reviewing.

Besides some bugfixing, speed improvements and a lot of minor changes, the next version will add a few new tools. Some of them long awaited.

Fortunately I was able to work through a full page on my to-do list but the list is still quite long – which is good.

Now, that I am finished with development, I will create a new data update over the next days. This will also fix some data issues and especially I plan to add some more Analog ICs as I have received many requests.

So stay tuned!

Thanks for your support and suggestions and sorry that I can’t come back to each of you individually.

Kind regards,

Electronic Toolbox News

Data Update 1.12

As announced, a new data update is now available with the following contents and changes:

  • Several OpAmps added (TL07x and family, MC1458 and several LM types)
  • Additional analog ICs such as the ICL7660, TDA1522 etc.
  • Improvements of the ANSI and ISO drill sizes
  • Several additional data corrections

This data update also contains data for the next App version which is still in the review process of Apple.

This was my last update before my annual leave next week. I hope that Apple will release the update before I leave.

I will be back first of August so please be a bit patient if you have a support request or question.

Thanks again to all of you and have a great summertime!

Marcus Roskosch…

Electronic Toolbox News

Electronic Toolbox 4.0

Over the time, I received many requests and good ideas to extend Electronic Toolbox. So almost once per month, I brought out an update with more functions and extensions. Now it includes more than 30 mini-tools with loads of calculations and databases. By now, Electronic Toolbox has been updated more than 60 times.

By this however, the App became more and more complex more and more confusing and difficult to use over the time.

So I decided to completely rewrite Electronic Toolbox from scratch. It took me now eight months (and several nights and weekends) to finally let the new Version 4 show up on the App Store.

These were the main goals for version 4:

  • Perfect foundation for hundreds of additional mini-tools that will be added over the time
  • Easier navigation and searching for mini-tools
  • Consistent and easier to use user interface throughout all mini-tools
  • Taking better advantage of the higher resolution Retina display and larger iPad screen
  • Offering more background information about calculations, formulas and circuits



Another goal was to include a global place where calculations, circuits, components or documents can be stored for later reference. For this reason a global Projects function has been introduced in Version 4. Projects can be used to collect all this type of information. They can also be exported, sent via E-Mail or printed from your device. Documents can also be imported into projects via DropBox.

The new Project function will be the basis of many additional Ideas I have for the future. For instance the possibility to order missing parts online or to connect it with a cross-reference database. I am also considering a Mac-Desktop Version of the App where Projects can be exchanged between the Mac version and Smartphone version.


As the database of Electronic toolbox already grew quite a bit, I decided to implement a new way to provide each App with new data “over the air”.  With the new version, I can distribute data for the mini-tools (e.g. the Sockets database) without the necessity to distribute a new App Version to Apple. This makes it much easier to extend the databases over the time and you will get these updates much easier and quicker.


Hundreds of formulas that have already been used internally inside the App for the calculations will now also are displayed within most of all mini-tools. So with Version 4, you can nut just do your calculations but also look up the corresponding formulas for the calculations.


My goal was to address professionals as well as users who are new to electronics all at once. For this reason, I added a lot of textual background information on how to use each tool but also about the components or calculation of each tool. Most of the tools now offer additional information when scrolling down and much more information when pressing the (i) info button in the upper right corner.


Hundreds of diagrams have now been re-created as Vector images so they now show much better on the Retina display or the iPad and no longer as blur as sometimes in Version 3.


An organizer was added to sort the mini-tools to better suit your requirements. You can order the tools, disable them or even create folders for group of mini-tools.


Version 3 supports six languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Netherlands). My initial thought was to restrict this to English only for Version 4 since otherwise I would have to deal with those languages for all of the additional text that will come with Version 4. Once I did announce this here on my website, many users wrote me and encouraged me to change my mind and so I did. As a result, Version 4 now supports 16! languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek and some more. However, the compromise was, that some of the longer texts like the extensive detail background information will still only be available in English but for the user interface, one of the 16 languages can be selected. Like with version 4, this language can be selected from inside the App.


Besides all of that, there are numerous improvements that are addressing your feedback (Thank you!) and requests to make Electronic Toolbox more powerful.

The new version consists of six times more lines of code compared to Version 3 and the database is about three times as big.


You may wonder how much to pay for the new version. The good news is, it’s for free for all existing users. I was thinking about this quite often but those many E-mails I have received with compliments and suggestions and words like “I love your App, keep up the good work” really helped me in this decision.

About 248.000 users worldwide (figure from December 2011) are using my App without having ever paid for it. They just downloaded it from repositories other than the App Store. I see this as a major problem and this is not just bad against me but also a slap in the face for everybody who has paid for the App in the past.

As I became aware about this some time ago, I was struggling whether it really makes sense to continue to improve my App. I decided, yes, it makes sense and hope now that this new Version 4 of the App will encourage some of those people who are using my App for free to think twice and purchase my App now as they can see, that they just have to pay a few bucks and will continue to benefit from all my improvements over the time for free.  Hopefully they will.

Please cross your fingers for me.


There are a few important things to know for the new version:

1.) First version

For this version, I started a big Beta test with users in many different countries and received a lot of bug reports and very good suggestions during the test phases (Thank you!!!) . I tested internally function by function and on all my physical Test devices (iPhone 3G,4,4S,iPad 1,2,3 and iPod 4G). We did our best to find as many bugs as possible. As this version 4 is a complete rewrite, this version may and will have some initial bugs. So please consider this when installing this version. If you find a bug, please not just write a bad review, instead please report the bug and I will ensure you that it will be fixed quick (as always in the past).

2.) Mini-Tools

As this version was basically meant to achieve the goals mentioned above, I didn’t add more mini-tools so far. I know that some of you are desperately waiting for some new tools or the extension of some of the existing tools (e.g. more circuits in the NE555 tool). With this new
Version it will now be much easier for me to add new Mini-Tools. For the first time after the release of this version, I will be prepared to fix reported bugs with high priority as mentioned before. Once this version turned out to be stable or got stable, I will start over to add and extend more mini-tools and will handle my long “Wish list” for you.

3.) iOS Version

In the past, I did my best (not always initially successful to be honest) to maintain my App for all iOS Versions available. With the new Version I had no other choice than cut the support for older iOS Versions than 4. So for those of you, who have an iPhone 2 or older iPod, you can’t update to the new version 4 of my App. I am really sorry about that and would have been more than happy if there would have been an alternative.

One alternative would have been to introduce Version 4 as a separate and new Version on the App Store. So I would then be able to still maintain the existing version 3 for iOS 3.x. But then, everybody who already paid for Version 3 would have to pay again for version 4.

As I promised to “thank you” for purchasing the previous version by offering the new version for free, I decided against this.

Kind regards,

Marcus Roskosch…